House of Worship Where y’at? Ok, yes I whined about it a bit. I just had my friend to have a mess around with it, and it seems that when Pro Tools gives you the error message “ASIO device properties have been changed by the device control panel. I have had the same problems. Would pay for someone to send me some Fritzies. I can’t seem to get it to work with any settings.

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Getting ASIO drivers to install on Windows 8 for Firestudio Mobile

The other things that solve MANY of the problems are And what is the name of the cirestudio music store right near Kenosha? Well it does sound like UC didn’t install properly. I don’t really want to buy something that has issues with pro tools but i’m liking the firestudio if it works good.

When I had Pro Tools 9, it was incredibly frustrating doing sessions and then I’d get the error message about ASIO device properties being changed and that I’d have to close Pro Tools – even when I hadn’t changed anything at all.

So what did I do?

Also, in my experience, Asio4all and Universal Control do not play nice together. From ignoring this error message and closing it, you can set the buffer size to what is set in Pro Tools and then restart Pro Tools again.


Now, windows is not recognizing any speakers being plugged in unless its actually plugged into my computer when before it would just be plugged into the firestudio I can pull up projects just fine, and they seem to play the tracks on the left are recognizing the sounds but I am getting no sound now, maybe something deep in the settings or firestdio controller got messed up?

Hi all, I really hope someone with some knowledge out there can help me out. They have the old driver up fieestudio too. I’ve done this with dozens of folks here on the forum. Here are some images that might help debunk the issue.

I don’t think I was ever able to change it in the UC. Sorry, can’t be done. The vintage guitars and basses that they had on display were unbelievable. House of Worship Where y’at?

Thanks in advance, Chris I have 2 clients using it with Pro Tools 9. Maybe I can reinstall. If your having an issue, open a tech support ticket and bring the number here if you want help! I live in Kenosha. First time poster here.


Cant connect to Presonus FIRESTUDIO ASIO Driver –

firestusio Universal Control, in my experiences, has more issues with the DAW open. Cubase that perform automatic ASIO latency compensation. HP XW Dual 3. I’m out of business while it’s down! This setups just works on all firewire devices.

I’ve tried downgrading to Pro Tools 9, but this is still happening. You should be able to use the presonus drivers within Audition as well not even needing the asio drivers. Somewhere in the swamps of Jersey. We stayed for 2 weeks in Kenosha, since it was central to where we were going.

Or what I can do about it? Do you know there’s a new update for the Firestudio Project driver?

Let me know if I can provide anything else. We were on tour playing Chicago, Millwaukee, University of Wisconsin, etc.